Fresh French Press: The Smell of Relief

This morning fresh French-pressed coffee accompanies relief. Numbers of financial tasks are completed; multiple small annoying start-of-term tasks have been dealt with; course/class prep is done for the day; big time-sink task is almost done, too. Better still: I have not added any more tasks to my pile.

I've seen multiple research projects over the past week--and I said no.

I have detected multiple ways to spend more time at work and in school--somehow I managed to keep my mouth shut.

I have come across multiple cultural objects and software that would be fun to explore--but I kept moving to my target.

While it is a small, simple thing, I have managed to dodge almost all of the rabbit trails and tangents out there. Instead, I actually worked on the things that have been stressing me out. And while I'm sensing and living the relief, the scent of fresh French press rises up from my cup.

Yeah, it's a good day!