About gz's assemblage

Obligatory & Boring Assertions

First: the work here in no way reflects the views of my employer. 

Second: I regularly adjust, change, and revise my perspective. Knowing that is important. If I wrote something as a blog post a few weeks or months ago, that does not mean I hold the same belief now. Retaining opinions in order to perform consistency is foolish when facts, observation, and relevant data can change your mind and support a stronger, more reasonable perspective. 

The More Interesting Stuff

I like writing, but I have a difficult time staying focused. I'm retrying blogging to see if that will help.

I love my job, teaching, and technology, but I find little joy in remaining inside of silos. While I remain in silos out of necessity for my job, I meander freely in my writing and thinking. I'm testing out blogging to see if it will help.

This blog is influenced by Deleuze and Guatarri's concept of the Assemblage as well as De Landa's approach to that concept. My assemblage approach also integrates and pays respect to Edward Kienholz's method.