Waiting for Sentencing: The final hour

There is an update to the post at the bottom. 

It's just after 9:15 am. Somehow I managed to sleep in longer today even though the sentencing of Demian's murderer takes place at 10 am our time. 

It's rather hard to explain how I feel. I am incredibly calm; there's not much rage or anger at the moment. There is much peace, and I am grateful for all the kind thoughts, prayers, juju, and goodness coming from folks. I know it helps because I can feel it. And I am grateful for the support and love.

There's no way to predict the outcome, and it may be minutes or even a couple hours before we learn the verdict. I know what I am going to do in the mean time.

I'm going to exercise, because that's healthy and it's part of what I do daily.

I'm going to continue writing today--after this--because it offers a way to share, communicate, process, and engage.

I'm going to keep working on captions and portfolios, for a while at least, because doing so make me smile--they bring me a kind of satisfaction that has been missing for years.

And I am grateful for my lover, my Creator, family, friends, students, job, colleagues, house, and all the winged critters and lovely blooming flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Right now it is sunny and breezy after a rain.

Time to get to it.

Update: 90 Minutes Later

Relatively great news with ironic timing:

The sentencing was supposed to take place today, in Kenai instead of Homer. We just received notification that, based on our collective request, the sentencing/hearing has been moved back to Homer--where the trial took place & where Demian lived and where his mother now lives.

However, the sentencing has been delayed until 12/28.

Glad it's back in Homer, but sad it's going to take another month.

Thanks for all the juju & good thoughts!