Tech Tool 2: Time Mapper

Tool Discovery

Like Listify, I discovered Time Mapper through the Open Knowledge Foundation's Labs Projects.

Tool Use

As the site says:  Elegant timelines and maps created in seconds.

Potential Tool Application

Initially, my thoughts were less about what I could do for my own classes and more about how K-12 teachers could use this--especially in history and social studies courses. Time Mapper combines the ability to blend time, space, and visual information into one product. The real benefit, just like Listify, is that Time Mapper uses a spreadsheet. If you can create group or class assignments that work with spreadsheets and collect that information in a Google spreadsheet, you can generate some very powerful maps. What I also like is that the quality of the map, the quality of the information, is entirely dependent upon the information students put into their spreadsheets.

This seems like a great tool to potentially use in ED 270 or CSE 624. 

Additional Loose Thoughts

This could be a fun way to create or develop a history of Western Oregon and thereby make our Normal School history more obvious and visible.


If and when I test this out, what results I have. If others test out Listify and are willing to share, please let me know so that I can embed or link here!