Love: Only real basis for effective pedagogy (post #hpj101 post)


As I indicated in an earlier post, this past week I've been involved in the complexities of being around too many nice smart people interested in compassionate and effective pedagogy. These folks like digital technology and working online, too. This was part of #hpj101.

As I plan to write about in a coming-soonish post, I've been through and am going through a lot of emotions. Normally, I'd be embarrassed or try and hide this. Not any more. There's been a lot going on. Just can't be back into that closet anymore. 

Not hiding the emotions. Instead, I'm harnessing and using my emotions, and I'm speaking honestly about them. It's not always easy.

Several days ago, I wrote this piece about love. It still stands, so I'm putting it here.

Nothing here is new. People have been saying these things since we've been human. Regardless, I think it's essential to reaffirm what is truly at core when facing the multiplicity of problems in our experience.

To love is not a gendered thing; it’s not a feminine thing; it’s not a masculine thing. To love is human. That’s it.

Love is not some limited supply, some hidden source, some you-only-get-this-much substance. Love is infinite. Love is eternal. There’s plenty more love around. There’s no need to hog it.

Any doubt about this, surely you can look around the world and see all the attempts to exploit, abuse, and pile garbage on top of love. That garbage falls apart, erodes, disappears. The violence and exploitation fades away—even if takes a decade or a century.

What does not fade is love.

Love can and will remain. Even when it appears that love has been exterminated in camps, it is impossible to remove the love those people know, and have known and will know.

Love is the only eternal.

When we align with love, not only are we choosing what feels the best, we are also choosing the only thing that truly, throughout time, exists.


Patterns: Two Closet Doors by Matthew Bellemare

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Ollie in Ruffwear by HackBitz

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into by Gisela Giardino

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