Dream Achieved: Citing Conflict in an academic-related piece

Dream achieved! Never did I think I'd be able to connect Conflict to my academic work, teaching, or current life. I finally have that does published at EdContexts

Conflict was incredibly important during my late teens and early twenties; they shaped much of who and what I was and how I see the world. To this day I can't help having strong responses to some of their tracks. "From Protest to Resistance" was the first time I really "heard" Conflict intentionally and closely. It happened at World Of Music (WOM) in Frankfurt, Germany, in September or October of 1989. I stood at the listening booth and listened to the entire first side of the record. And then I bought the record.

Now, over 25 years later, I'm still listening to Conflict and I still identify with much in their music and lyrics.

Only now, instead of just listening to a band, I was able to articulate and share how that band and its music shapes and inspires me as an educator.

Being able to do this was really cool. Aside from being cool, was how affirming it felt. I've known that a number of punk-influenced folks work or teach in education, it's been rare, though, for me to connect with them. Then, in the midst of the #hpj101 event, I met several punk-driven women in education. Knowing and hearing what they do, and seeing that they still care about the music and messages, was the water this african violet of an essay needed.

So yes, I'm very happy right now. In the midst of everything else, a wonderful part of my past is rethreaded into my present and nurtured by acquaintance with cool people doing cool things.

African Violet from Wikimedia